Ways to help and protect animals

I attended Modepran’s orientation for volunteers several days ago. I wanted to know, what are the things I can do to rescue stray animals. I’m glad I attended because I learned a lot! Apparently, there are numerous ways that a person can help. Most people believe that it’s all about shelling out money for donations. Definitely, cash donation is very important to allow Modepran to continue doing what it’s doing, but it also must rely on the help of dedicated animal lovers to volunteer their time.

ADOPT or FOSTER – Make rescued pets your first choice. Having a pet is no joke. It’s a lifetime commitment. For me, abandoning a pet is similar to abandoning a family member. People who dump their pets at the pound should realize they are sentencing them to death. Those who wish to adopt must fill in an application form that Modepran will send to you after you inform them of your intention.

SPONSOR A PET – If you can’t adopt, you can still help. Sponsoring a pet will provide food, medical care, spaying or neutering and toys to your sponsored pet. It will also help the animal rescue organization to help more animals.

VOLUNTEER – Cash donation is better, but they need your presence too. Cash donations run out quickly. With your continued support, just an hour or two perhaps of your time a week, you will already be giving something worth more than money.

The dog meat industry is rampant in some countries. Let us be aware that slaughtering dogs and cats for food is against the law and anyone found violating this law can lead to imprisonment. It will be good if we all support it. Please pay a visit to Modepran and get to know the volunteers and rescued pets. You might just be the person that can tip the balance for a more humane world.

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