About Us

Modepran was formed in 2010 by a dedicated group of animal lovers determined to help the circumstances of animals. It survives on donations and the efforts of volunteers. Well-known for conducting rescues, Modepran has the primary mission of promoting compassion for animals, responsible pet ownership and helping animals.

There’s a group of students who were dedicated and voluntarily joined the Modepran community even if they came from different schools. They’ve spent their first years up to the present providing homeless animals with food, shelter, medical care, spaying and neutering. These volunteers relentlessly attend to the animals’ daily routine. A lot of animals were neutered, which made a major contribution to reducing the raging overpopulation problem. Dogs, cats, rabbits and a lot more were adopted whenever possible and, because no shelter was yet in existence, our youth volunteers often fostered animals in their own homes.

We are conducting education drives in communities, offices and schools to inform the people about the need for protecting, loving and giving animals a home. We also share the importance of these animals and how we can protect them. By doing so, we can encourage more people to support our organization and join us in our projects.

Modepran is a credible non-profit organization. We have compassionate and trustworthy individuals that pioneer and lead the efforts toward helping and protecting animals, for their benefit. Modepran conceptualizes a nation that respects animals, protecting them from cruelty, and having a home with so much love given to the animals by the owner. Its mission is to prevent cruelty, lessen the suffering of animals, to promote a society with humanitarian principles and to reduce the overpopulation of stray dogs and cats.

We hope that we keep animals safe and loved and you will consider joining and giving us support by volunteering and helping our organization. It is definitely our obligation to take care of these creatures and we hope we’ll see you working with us in the future.